Saturday, August 7, 2010

Saginaw to the Stockyards via Samson Park

Cycling to the Stockyards from my home in Saginaw seemed out of the question until I considered the possibility of using Old Decatur Road to pierce the 820 Loop. Narrow, littered with glass and debris, secluded by rampant ragweed and hackberry growth, it seemed like a risky proposition, but better than trying to use North Main Street with all it's distracted drivers.

On a steamy Saturday morning, I ran into no problems along this route, but fear it won't be as savory as a return passage from a Night Riders get together. From Old Decatur to Angle Road to Cantrell Samson Park to Rodeo Park to the underbelly of the White Elephant Saloon, I could see evidence of late night carousing: park trash cans dumped over and piles of beer bottles were far too common a sight for me to want to brave alone after a long night of pedaling and pint-swilling. Until I find a better route, I reckon I'll continue to rely on the minivan.


  1. I've got to agree, the minivan sounds like the best option.

    B.T.W, The artwork in your header is awesome!

  2. Thanks, I found that painting while cleaning the was a rendition of my very first gas-guzzler: a 79 GMC with holes in the floorboard that kept me awake when driving in the rain but splashing my left leg with road wash...