Saturday, August 14, 2010

Last Free Ride of Summer in a nutshell.

Slow start in Saginaw: Bailey Boswell to Walmart
Followed a spandex bike gang for a mile before they ditched me.
Headed South on Huffines, loving the hills.
Dizziness and sudden wipe out on Huffines.
(Ever see the horizon when the earth tips over?)
Damn hills.
On to Lake Worth, Samson Park, River Oaks, Trinity Trail to Trinity Park.
Notice a goat head in front tire.
Notice flat tire.
Take time fixing flat in the shade of Trinity Park pecan tree.
On to Panera on University: Facebook update.
Dropped a journal in parking lot.
Cycle on to the crossing by the courthouse.
Realize that journal is missing and wonder if that was what the homeless woman was trying to tell me, half a mile back.
(No, she said it was too hot for bicycling and wondered why all us idiots were going around in circles.)
Backtrack to Panera and find journal.
Cycle back through Trinity Park to White Settlement, then more of the trails.
Knee is burning, so take a tylenol.
Visit Braums for ice refill and limeade.
On to Roberts cut-off, then Skyline, across Jacksboro Highway, Old Decatur Road, Saginaw
....110 degrees outside, 130 inside my head...home at last!!!!


  1. That's an eventful ride! Since my adventures are rather civilized, it would be epic for me. I usually start early, heat makes me dizzy...

  2. That's alot of riding in this heat. Throw in the flat tire and having to back track to find something you lost, I would have called for a ride home.

  3. True. I kinda hoped for a coincidental roudezvouz with my wife and the minivan, but it didn't pan, I just kept pedaling!