Saturday, September 6, 2014

Social currency

On Facebook yesterday,
I saw a Buzzfeed post,
a photograph of a dead German Shepherd in a coffin
mourned by his handler,
a police officer in dress uniform,
and a crowd of sympathizers looked on.

According to the post,
the dog was slain by a suspected car thief,
who, wielding a knife, stabbed the dutiful shepherd multiple times
until he himself was shot down by the canine's officer...

And the caption and accompanying text did not name
the man who died in commission of the crime.

Rightfully so.

If only while reading a poem about mortality in English class,
I, this boy's teacher, could have had some special insight.

I could have looked him in the eye and warned him,
making those universal truths more personal...

Would he have believed that one day his death would mean less than a dog's?

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