Sunday, August 17, 2014

Power of Suggestion

No, I don't want to be set up with someone, but thanks, really, I mean it, thanks...
I've shown her your pictures, and she likes them, says you are "hot!"

Hot? You've found a blind one, then, thanks, but really...which pictures, anyway?
Only the good ones, stop it, you know you are an attractive man!

Ok...but, set-ups don't work...does she have dimples?
Yes, yes she does! She is funny, she thinks I'm mom says to tell you she's hot!

What's her name? You didn't meet her at some redneck bar, did you?
No, her name is ...... and she looks exotic, well look her up on Facebook, you'll see.

Wow... (I sent her a message.)
Did you ask for her digits? I'm telling you, this girl is perfect for you!

There is no such thing, friend, but thanks, thanks a lot. She looks nice, I can see something in her
        smile, those eyes! I'd be undone if she smiles at me.
Hush, get her digits. Be cool. She's new in town, be someone she can see the sights with.

Did I tell you that we talked until 2 in the morning? She's not just a pretty face, she's deep!
She told me. She says she really likes you. Be cool.

Did I tell you that we are meeting? Where should we go? Just to talk, to see each other face to face?
The Old Pub, it's laid-back...good selection of beers, a good patio to get away from the crowd.

Did I tell you that when she walked in the door, she took my breath away?
Shhh, take it easy. She said she really likes you.

Did I tell you that we rode bicycles all over Fort Worth? She makes me feel like a kid again.
You owe me, big guy. She really likes you. Man! What a story we will be able to tell...

Did I tell you that I would come undone if she smiled at me? I am. What if she's the thing I'm
You just met her. Don't get carried away. The thing you're missing is Jesus. God, man, get a hold of

Did I tell you that I'm writing poetry again?
Oh Lord, do NOT send her poetry so soon! Don't do it!

Did I tell you that I will learn to dance the salsa and the Merengue like I mean it?
You are going to look like a goof! Don't embarrass the poor girl. I'm happy you're inspired.

Did I tell you that she is leaving? She is a good woman, and her family needs her.
Leaving? Oh no.

Did I tell you that life is not fair? ...
Have patience.

Did I tell you that I've made a fool of myself, again?
Do not send that sketch to her...she will be overwhelmed. Cool it, buddy.


What? What did I do?
YOU KNOW WHAT YOU DID. Fine, you won't take my advice.

Thanks for trying... I should have listened.
I'm sorry. If I had known, I would never have set you up. I meant no harm.

It's life. It felt so amazing, and I felt so sure, and she told me to be confident, and I was, but...
But it was too soon. I'm so sorry.

No. She woke something inside me. I feel young again. It was worth it. I swear!
I wish it could have worked out for you, I loved seeing you so happy.

I'm just a regular guy, but for a moment...I thought she felt it too by the look in her eyes...
She was not ready for something so intense right patient...

She thinks I'm crazy. I imagined holding our kids.
Lord, you will never learn; just don't fall in love with the next one by patient.

I had good intentions...
To the wrong person, you will never be worthy...I kind of dig this.

 Summer is over, my friend...back to work.
What a summer! Amen.

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